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Dr Hunter

Dr Hunter - Mens Socks - DHF

Dr Hunter - Mens Socks - DHF

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Dr.Hunter extra wide knee high merino wool walking socks

A hiking sock that can perfect art of comfort can be hard to find, this sock has aimed to achieve ultimate comfort and warmth. Made with a warm durable mix of merino wool and polycolon, a cushioned foot and an extra wide top these socks have all the features people look for in a comfortable sock.

These socks are made out of merino wool, a highly effective thermal insulator that will keep your feet warm in the coldest of temperatures. The polycolon mix also means this sock is very durable and hard wearing.

There is also a unique feature in the extra wide top that is not found in most hiking socks. An advanced knitting process allows the sock to stretch to the natural contours of your legs, meaning no more constriction rings. If you suffer from poor circulation then these socks would be the perfect pair for when your venture out on your next trek. There is also a reinforced heel and toe to cushion your feet for when you go off course on rough terrain.

These socks come in a one pair pack and are available in 3 different sizes including 6-8 UK 9-11 UK 12-14 UK. They are 49% Merino wool 45% Polypropylene 4% Polyamide and 2% Elastane. They are also machine washable.

Extra Product Details

* 1 pair pack
* 3 sizes to choose between
* Hiking socks
* Knee high
* Thermal insulation
* Hard wearing durability
* Hi Function socks
* Cushioned heel and toe
* Extra wide top
* Great for those with poor circulation
* 49% Merino wool 45% Polypropylene 4% Polyamide 2% Elastane
* Machine washable
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