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Dr Hunter

Dr Hunter - Mens Socks - DHC-N

Dr Hunter - Mens Socks - DHC-N

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Dr Hunter Low Cut Coolmax Socks

The summer is the best time to go hiking and explore the outdoors. But when the weather is hot you can find that your feet suffer. They can become sweaty, which can lead to blisters and infections. These low cut ankle high socks include a coolmax fibre designed to wick moisture away from the foot and keep your feet sweat free.

Coolmax is incorporated into the fibres of a sock to make it breathable and comfortable to wear. When your outdoors it becomes likely that your feet will sweat due to walking and other physical activities. These socks aim to transfer moisture away from the foot and keep your feet fresh.

They are also an ankle high length to ensure that they are perfect for lower cut walking boots or casual shoes. This also ensures that the rest of your leg can be kept uncovered for comfort and coolness. An ankle length sock is always handy in any situation, and combining it with durability and coolmax fibres makes this a great hiking sock for the summer months.

These socks are also thin and lightweight to keep your feet feeling light and free when you are on the move. Despite not being heavy duty socks they are still very durable. The Polypropylene ensures this, meaning they'll be part of your sock drawer for years to come.

Extra Product Details

* Men's Coolmax socks
* 2 pair pack
* 3 sizes available
* Low cut ankle high
* Great in short boots
* Coolmax technology
* Perfect for summer outdoor activities
* Moisture wicking
* Lightweight and durable
* 87% polyester 8% polypropylene 5% elastane
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