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COMODO - Microfibre Horse Riding Socks

COMODO - Microfibre Horse Riding Socks

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Comodo Microfibre Horse Riding Socks

Comodo have been providing high-quality socks for men and women since 1996. They sell a range of socks for hiking, cycling, hunting, skiing, and now, horse riding! Whichever type of socks you wear, your feet are bound to feel comfortable and warm, no matter the weather or environment!

It's important to wear soft and comfortable socks when horse riding. That's why Comodo have crafted microfibre horse riding socks foe men and women.

These socks are lightweight and functional as they fit effortlessly under riding boots for a cool, comfortable ride.

They have been constructed in fine microfibre to provide maximum protection against abrasion, and the breathable knit keeps legs cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The soft touch cotton material also helps to wick away moisture and sweat especially, if you've been horse riding for longer hours in the summer.

With their support and reinforcements in all the right places, Comodo riding socks are sure to look great and maintain their condition wear after wear.

Choose from these colourful block panels for your favourite pair of horse riding socks. These socks are made from 45% Polyamide Microfibre, 25% Cotton, 25% Polyamide, 5% Elastane. They are available in sizes 3-5.5 UK, 6-8 UK, 35-38 EU, 39-42 EU. These socks are hand washable at 30 degrees.

Extra Product Details

- Microfibre Horse Riding Socks
- Lightweight Feel
- Microfibre Leg
- Knee-High Length
-Cotton Foot
- Reinforce Sole
- Men and Womens
- Hand Washable at 30
- 45% Polyamide Microfibre, 25% Cotton, 25% Polyamide, 5% Elastane
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