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Sock Snob

6 Pairs Bamboo Ankle Socks

6 Pairs Bamboo Ankle Socks

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Bamboo Trainer Socks

Trainer socks are an essential part of our sock drawers. When the warm summer weather hits we finally start to wear them frequently, not just for sport but for casual everyday wear. But, they might only last one season, especially if they are cheap, low quality and made from regenerated cheap cotton material. We have developed a trainer socks made of luxurious natural bamboo to raise the bar on ordinary cotton socks and improve the quality.

Bamboo as a fibre is luxuriously soft thanks to its natural properties and is far superior to cotton. Bamboo also wicks moisture away from the foot naturally. So, if you are sweating a lot because you are playing sports or the weather is scorching hot then you will find that your feet will sweat much less than if you were wearing normal cotton trainer socks. This also means you will have less chance of developing blisters on your feet.

Its great incorporating bamboo as a fibre into your socks, but if they are not knitted in the right technical fashion then the bamboo is useless. These socks have a smooth toe seam to reduce irritability around the end of your foot, important especially if you are running or playing sports. These trainer socks also have honeycomb ventilation panels to increase the breathability of the socks to improve their moisture wicking abilities. The top of the socks does not hug your ankle too tightly either to improve comfort.

These bamboo trainer socks are available in two colours including black and white. They are available in 2 sizes in 6-11 UK 7-12 US 39-45 EU and 11-14 UK 12-15 US 46-50 EU for additional comfort.

Extra Product Details

- Mens Bamboo Trainer Socks
- Sock Snob
- Super Soft Bamboo
- Moisture Wicking
- Smooth Toe Seam
- Ventilation Panels
- Breathable
- Available in Black and White
- 2 sizes in 6-11 UK and 11-14 UK
- Machine Washable
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